Friday, August 9, 2019

Roger arrived at the site this morning expecting 8 volunteers.  None of them showed up.  They apparently went to Tim’s site and ended up staying there.  Fortunately 3 seasoned volunteers appeared – Steve, Joe and Dick.  Roger got Dick and Joe busy with the stairwell painting set up and Steve started in on the shed.  I showed up about 9:45 after my appointment and Roger left. 

                I readied the front door for painting (cleaning and taping).  I opened the can of paint and then realized it was interior paint.  I ended up going downtown to Habitat to get the right paint, so after a late start, I only got done with the first coat on the door and the door opening. 

                Joe and Dick cut in where needed on the stairway with two coats of paint.  The “scaffolding” was taken down.  The walls are ready for wall paint. We have a handle extender which should allow the roller to reach far enough to paint the walls from the floor. 

                Joe and Dick also cut in and painted the bedroom next to the bathroom and the hall way.  The laundry room got a second coat of paint but was not cut in.  The living room closet, plenum, wall adjacent to the closet, and the outside wall where all cut in.  The closet, plenum, and short wall were second coated as well as the two window wells.

                In the mean time, Steve with some assistance from Joe, completed the fascia and soffit on the shed, and completed siding all the walls except the front door wall. It is time for the doors to be put up but the materials for doing so are not on the site.

                We are expecting about 6 volunteers tomorrow and plan to do a lot of painting.

                Our volunteers for today are wonderful people to work with.  All in all good day.


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