Friday, July 12, 2019

Another good day. We had Steve, Gary, Myself and 8 volunteers from Advantics.

These guys were really good. Nearly all of the first floor has been drywalled.  The laundry area and the bathroom still need to be finished. The laundry area needs to have the moisture resistant drywall applied to the wall behind the water heater and washer and dryer. We have on last piece of drywall on the dining room side of the kitchen wall we need direction on what to do with the electric line coiled in this area.

I will finish the bathroom on Tuesday as well as the bathroom upstairs.

We were able to finish the south bedroom and about a half of the north bedroom.

Hanging drywall on this house design is extremely difficult. The angled surface and the heavy batts in the ceiling create issues with screw pops and we needed to nearly double the screws to alleviate this problem. .

For tomorrow we need to continue with the drywall. The hallway and the stair areas will be a challenge and we could use direction on how to safely drywall these areas.

Also we started but a good cleaning of the house woulds make work safer.


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