Friday, July 13, 2018

Good progress made today.

All except the top of the west gable fascia was completed with the help of Steve and 2 interns from CareSource.

Three of the CareSource ladies painted the exterior doors, and the porch posts.

Brandon from CareSource worked with Jerry on the post placements.  One of the posts was cut in half so it would fit flush with the wall.  Tim helped with the cutting.  All the siding trim was put in place for the front, the porch, and the east garage wall.  There will be no faux brick in the porch area as previously indicated.

The inspector came for the post holes but the inspection did not pass.  There were no plans on the architectural drawings so he had nothing to check them against.  Bill later came with the needed diagram.

Another volunteer from CareSource took down the attic flooring we had put up last weekend.  It is not allowed as the rafter spacing is not designed to hold the weight of stored materials.

Tomorrow, siding can be continued on the front, porch and garage walls.  Tim will need to cut the 2×10’s that were delivered today to finish out the framing of the garage opening.  Then that side of the garage can be sided.

The soffet and fascia still need to be done above the great room.

The east gable end fascia can be completed.

The three doors and their jams will need a second coat of paint as well as the porch posts.

OSB can be added to the attic openings to hold the insulation.

The post holes can be evaluated in accordance with the new diagram.

There are a few hangers to be hung.

The HVAC folks will be on site next week.

Looking forward to another productive day tomorrow.



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