Friday, July 19, 2019

Roger and I had 10 volunteers today plus Ken who was there for a short time and brought “green board.” Volunteers were Steve, Dick, Nancy, and 7 folks from PSA finance. 

Steve worked on insulating the storage closet at the top of the stairs and framing it so it could be drywalled.  He also installed some of the drywall.

Dick cut and installed the missing drywall pieces in the second floor hallway.  He also added the drywall needed for the top of the shower/tub.  It is not screwed into place pending approval of okayedness.

Nancy cut the material for the upstairs windows and sweep the floor in one bedroom.

The PSA folks did a variety of jobs.  Some worked on cutting the dry wall for all the lower floor windows, one checked all the screw heads on the lower level, all of them checked the screw heads on the second floor, some foam insulated all the windows, and everyone helped clean up the site by removing scrap drywall from the house and disposing it in the dumpster.  A couple of them helped Ken hang green board on one wall in the laundry room and helped Roger fit green board  in the shower. The house looks entirely different with all the excess drywall gone and some of the cleaning done.  Much thanks to those who volunteered to make it happen.

Before the day began, PSA presented Roger and me with a check for $300.00 to be donated to Habitat.  When Krissy came later in the day, it was ceremonially handed to her.

As Roger was working in the shower area, he became concerned by the large gap between the back shower wall and the ceiling. He would like some advice as to if it should be redone.

For tomorrow:

Finish drywalling in the storage closet.

Finish drywalling the laundry area.

Finish drywalling the shower area.

Add missing screws to the lower part of the stair wall in the living room.

Continue removing excess drywall from the upstairs bedroom.

Decide what to do in the two bathroom areas.

Sweep/vacuum the floors.

Clean the walls in preparation for the drywallers.

Bill – could someone from Habitat come pick up the left over insulation and the lifter? They are stored in the back bedroom. Hopefully we will be finished drywalling tomorrow so the finishers can be scheduled for next week.

Two up coming projects – a door for the storage closet and a cabinet for the downstairs shower room.

The PSA folks left at 12:30. Nancy was there for a couple of hours the morning.  The rest of us quit at about 2:30 – dripping wet.

All and all a profitable day.


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