Friday, June 21, 2019

It was a beautiful day today so a lot of outside work got done.  Tim and I had 6 volunteers today – a father and son, 2 older gentlemen, a young lady and Steve.

Work done:

Fascia on the two back gables

Fascia on the two sides

Soffit on half of the high front gable

Soffit on one side of the porch

Foam in any remaining holes

Stripes painted for marking the studs on the lower level House cleared of debris Yard readied for grating next week – lumber pile moved next to the fence, all extra boards lying around piled next to the dumpster, trash in bags thrown in the dumpster Hangers for drywall under the stairs – two pieces left to hang

Work to do:

Finish hanging hangers under stairs (wood is marked for cutting) Finish sofit on front gable Fascia on front gable Porch posts Mark studs on second floor Insulate small up stairs closet.

Karen Clute

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