Friday, May 31, 2019

WHAT WE ACCOMPLISHED THIS WEEK WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!  The house is under roof and locked with windows and doors installed.  In the 10 plus years that I have worked on CtBS houses, I cannot recall being this far along after Blitz Week. The quality and quantity of the volunteers was OUTSTANDING every day.

Special thanks are in order:

  Robert for organizing the panel build at Southminister and delivering a quality product.

  Tim for keeping us on the right path and running for supplies when needed.

  Father Jim and the Saint Mary’s crew for contributing so many volunteers and the do not rain prayers.

  All the folks that prepared the meals…they were great.

  For every volunteer that pounded a nail or prayed for our success.

Today we had 13 volunteers.


  Blue board and tape was 100% completed.  First floor has been wrapped.

  The wall between the kitchen and the laundry room has been moved 2 inches and refastened.

  The front and side doors are installed with lock and keys.

  All first floor windows have been taped and are now complete.

  Significant progress has been made with the second floor interior walls.

  Rack boards and ladders front and rear on the upper roof complete.

  Fured down the joist and hanger ladders in the stairwell.

To Do:

Priority will remain on outside work.  Enterprise to install shingles this weekend.

House is now ready to start siding.

Second floor walls and other framing needs to be completed.

Front gable end blue board needs to be wrapped.

Plenty of work inside if rain or extra volunteers.

Bob Duplain

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