Friday, September 13, 2019

We had good crew on this very hot day.

Steve, Myself, Roger (AM and Bob D (PM) and my grandson Alex for several hours in the middle of the day id numerous tasks. Also Tim, Max, Brian and Steve from Habitat were on site.

The following were items were accomplished

Roger worked on the linen cabinet for the first floor. He added drywall along the side, mudded this area and painted the cabinet.

Steve and I installed the wheel chair accessible sink support for the down stairs bathroom.

Steve finished the trim around this sink area.

Max, Steve Y, Brian and Alex removed the forms from the parking pad. They also added the blacktop material between the parking pad and the alley.

I finished the access cover for the attic in the bedroom closet and installed the cover with sealing.

Tim and Brian pick-up the landscape materials (9 bushes, 2 tress, compost and mulch from Deal’s. Roger watered all the plants before he left.

Bob caulked area and renailed trim in various areas

Pickerell delivered the plumbing materials.

Unfortunately our major activity of spreading the fill dirt did not occur because the material was not delivered till 3:35 this afternoon. The material has lots of large clumps which will need to be broken up. Tim was planning on getting Habitats Bobcat to help tomorrow.

This adds a significant workload for tomorrow as the site needs to be ready for sodding by Tuesday AM,

Muliple activities are scheduled for Monday, Plumbing, carpeting, and HVAC.

Next week will be a hectic week, please recruit as many hands as possible for Tuesday and Wednesday.


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