Friday, September 14, 2018

I, Karen, Dave and Terry, worked today.  Terry did an excellent job caulking and filling nail holes while Karen and  Dave worked on baseboard.

Baseboard is installed in one bedroom and part way down the hall.  This work can continue.

All the casing has been caulked and mail holed filled.  The nail holed need to be sanded.

The trim was installed around the porch posts.  They need to be caulked and painted.

The lot was finish graded this morning and looks great. Need to be cleaned up and prepped for sod.

Still no plumbers on site.

Flooring is to be delivered on Tuesday.


The following punch list is what needs to be done but it is not in any order nor is it complete.

Complete base board installation

Complete caulking and nail hole filling

Touch up paint all casing and bases board

Cut off sewer clean out pipe to ground level.

Complete rear porch railings and styles –  See front porch to match the same way – Material on site

Install house Numbers – numbers on site

Caulk and paint  base trim around front porch posts

Paint front porch railings and rear porch  with treated wood stain-  Stain is on site.

Sand nail holes on all casing and touch up paint

Paint all window sills and trim under the sills

Install stove exhaust pipe between vent hood and ceiling pipe.  Need to purchase pipe

Need to cut pipe holes  in the cabinet for the vent  pipe

Build box around the vent pipe over cabinet –  material on site

Install door stops – material on site

Install door handle sets on all interior doors –  material on site

Install vanity in bathroom – vanity  on site

Install towel rack – matl on site

Caulk around counter tops

Install stove exhaust vent – After other item are completed

Complete installation of shelving in two closets and at the laundry area – all material is cut and at location.

Install casing around the garage access opening – need an 8ft. ladder

Install blinds  – blinds are on site

Sand the taped panel in the middle bedroom   and apply the second coat of mud. Need a mud blade to complete this.

Dig out the two sidewalk site, add gravel and form sides – must have 4 inches of concrete.

The apron must have  6 inches of concrete – some gravel must be removed

Lay the laminate flooring –  Flooring to be delivered Tuesday 9/18

Install kick boards in kitchen – after flooring is layed

Replace the garage entry door  – door on  order

Install two storm doors –  A near final item – need to purchase two doors.

Define the location of the mail box – set the post  – all material is on site

Prep yard for sod, remove rocks and rake as needed

Install landscape plants – need mulch or fill at sidewalk area – need to define flower beds

Sod yard

Touch up all walls

Have carpet installed – may require cutting some doors

Clean the entire house

Install appliances  as needed

Plumbers, HVAC and electric needs to be completed.

Jerry Shell

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