Friday, September 21, 2018

A very worm but productive day.  Ken E., Bob D., Karen C. and I and two volunteers including Terry our soon to be home owner were in site. Tim was also on site today.   We continued to work on the punch list with good progress.

The Kitchen vent installation is completed.

All flooring is done.

All base board are installed but not all caulked yet.

The water heater was set and wired by Tim in prep for the plumbers

The mail box post was set.

The front porch railing and back porch wood was second coated.

Part of the sidewalk edging was done.

The door bell switch was moved to allow the installation of the storm door.

A trim molding was installed  on the ceiling step in the garage.

Shelving supports were installed in the east bedroom –  See attached list to complete.

All kick boards and cabinet trim was installed.

All door stops installed.

Last counter top was delivered and installed.

Continued touch trim painting

Several other need items.

The plan is to do the landscaping on  Tuesday next week.   Ken will pickup the plants ,the Mulch and compost all donated by Deals


We can use all the help we can get on those days especially in Thursday.  –  Hank can you send out an email to the CtBS group asking for any help available.

The plumber is scheduled for Monday (I hope) and we are ready.

I am updating the punch list :

Some baseboard still needs caulk and nail holes filled

The baseboard and trim touch continues as needed.

Need to caulk around counter top

Ken will build a box around the stove vent pipe-  he has the material.

The replacement garage entry door was delivered today and was painted two coats on one side only the other side need two coats of paint then the door can be rehung.

The wall touch up needs to be done, at green tape on walls, especially in closets at shelving and many other areas.

All cabinets can be cleaned – Some must be done after the plumbing is done.

All  floors can be vacuumed in prep for carpet.

Window frames need to be cleaned and windows washed

Screens need to be installed.

The mail box can be installed.

Finish edging of sidewalks.

Fill  in at the apron where forms were removed – Get dirt from back yard.

Second coat three shelves in garage then install in east bedroom.

The back porch need some touch-up where spots were missed.

The drywall added in the garage needs screw head mudded and the seams and corners need to be taped, first coat.

Some items on previous list are still to be done and this may not be a complete list,add as necessary.

Jerry Shell


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