Friday, September 28, 2018

On Friday it was Karen and I. We cleaned the bathroom and laundry area. We also cleaned and mopped the floor in the areas to be carpeted. Karen cleaned the baseboards and other wood work areas. Several areas will required touch up paint including the rear door interior.

Tim was there for the electrical inspection which we passed.

The house looks good but we will have several tasks after the carpets are installed.

1- Closet doors will need to be cut off, rehung and guides on the floor installed,\.

2- Baseboards will need to be checked and possibly touch up painted from marring from the carpet installation.

3- The entire house will need to be inspected and necessary corrective action taken. The areas at the threshold of the 3 entrance doors as well as the bathtub need to be caulked with clear caulk. I will bring the caulk

The light in the eating area/ kitchen needs to be switched to the proper fixture.

4- The garage needs to be cleaned and all tools and remaining materials removed.

I am sure we will find numerous other things during the final inspection.


The sod laying for Tuesday is the last major activity. Based on the response I am expecting around 8 eager participants. Since the carpet is being laid that day try to leave plenty of room on the front of the house.

The dumpster is supposed to be moved on Tuesday so any trash should be disposed of early in the day.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. As indicated in Al’s email the sod is expected between 8 and 9. Bring gloves if you can.


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