Friday, September 6, 2019

Steve, David L, and I were the volunteers for today.  Steve laid  the flooring for the handicapped bathroom, installed base board where he could in the bathroom and hung the door casings.  He also installed the casings for the two laundry room doors.  The upstairs bathroom needs casing and baseboard.  There is only one piece of casing left, so another one needs to be purchased.  Once the sink is installed, the baseboard can be done.

David painted the newly installed trim on the stairs, touched up paint in all of the stairwell, and caulked where needed.

Drywall was cut for the one access opening and painted.  The wall holes that had previous been caulked, were sanded and recaulked.  The three downstairs bedrooms were emptied out and broom swept for the soon to be laid carpet. The back upstairs bedroom and the hallway need to be swept and then all will be ready for carpet.

There were various individuals who visited the site today.  A young man from Synergy, spread the material for the sidewalk.  David and Steve spread it out.  The Detmer guy came and worked on the furnace.  The carpet man was there to measure. At the end of the day, gravel was delivered to the parking pad.  Along with Tim, Bill also visited the site.  Chrissy came and collected the sign in sheets.

Materials are on the site to hang blinds, install door knobs, door stops, mailbox, house numbers, and box in the “feet” of the porch columns. We have a group of 6 volunteers signed up for tomorrow, so there will be plenty to do.

It really is a lovely house.  Thanks to everyone for all your efforts.


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