Friday, September 7, 2018

We had a very good  work day with Ken, Karen and I doing a variety of items and our wonderful future home owner Terry faithfully painting all day.  Tim arrived after lunch and helped install  kitchen cabinets.

There are three doors that still need a second coat and one door requiring both coats.

Four door jams were finished painted that had not been finished yesterday.

Four doors have been re-hung and all the bi- pass doors are ready to be hung – they need hardware installed. .

The bi-pass rails are installed.

All the window sills were routed,painted and installed and ready to be caulked.

The baseboard  was cut and installed in the southwest bedroom.

The upper kitchen cabinets are partially installed. We do have one damaged upper cabinet that needs replaced.

Over all very productive day but there is a lot of work that ready to be done.  If we are rained out Tomorrow at Huber Heights we can do a lot at Sandy that is indoor work.  More volunteer workers would be great next week also.

Jerry Shell

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