Saturday, August 10, 2019

Karen and I had 9 volunteers on site and painting was the name of the game.  The stairwell now has one coat of paint and is the only area that doesn’t have two coats of paint.  We opened the 4th 5 gallon container f wall paint and there is plenty left for the stairwell.

  • All the door trim and baseboard trim has one coat of paint.  The pieces are all over the place in the living room so watch where you step.
  • We had three Bishop Fenwick seniors there and they were helpful moving things out of the way to make room to paint the living room.
  • The three bundles of shingles are in the storage shed as we work out getting that shingled by a St. Peter’s Parish contractor. 
  • I asked the boys to carry the bypass closet doors outside so the edges could be sanded.  A station was setup by the temp power pole and Luke learned what an orbital sander is and how to use a palm sander to get rid of sharp edges.
  • A benefactor from Incarnation bought Wendy’s lunch and then the crews painted all the closet doors.  They are in a bedroom .
  • Dave Dressel was on site and I asked him to look at the prints and get the doors in or near where they will be installed.  The three for upstairs are still down stairs.
  • Dave also measured the closets for the wire shelving.  He measure front and back 66” up and took the shortest dimension less the width of the brackets.  We need a bolt cutter to cut them to length but also to have someone check the math.  The dimensions are on a page in the living room.  How many shelfs go in the pantry under the stairs?  Dave didn’t know how far the laundry shelf should be so we need direction on that.
  • The windows are measured for blinds.
  • The porch columns have a coat as do the entry doors.
  • The bath vanity of upstairs is there now plus many kitchen cabinet boxes to open after the painting in done.
  • Dave rolled up the coil aluminum and taped it for moving to another site.  Her has some boxes of nails, screws and button nails to go to another site.  There are a couple or bags of cement  on site – do you want me to Craigslist them as free or should the go to ReStore?  I will Craigslist the pallets accumulated since the build began unless someone tells me not to.
  • There is one case of water on site, so will need more this week.
  • Remember Bob Duplain will not be on site this week, and that Stave Albers won’t be there until Thursday when I sub for Bob until 1, then Ken takes over.

The House painting turned out well.  We didn’t paint the handrailing for upstairs – not sure if it gets stained or painted.

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

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