Saturday, August 11, 2018

Roger and I had 5 volunteers this AM.  Roger and two of the volunteers left at noon.  Tim was there for the afternoon.  The inside of the entry closet, the third wall of the living room, and most of the garage were drywalled.  The forms for the driveway and the apron were reinstalled.  The gravel was spread to specification with the help of a “template” Roger made for the volunteers. Terry came at the end of the day and along with her daughter helped with fastening the drywall in the garage.  It was great to have them help.

The entry closet and the fourth wall in the living room need to be drywalled as well as the bottom foot of the garage wall. The drywall finishers will cut the window frame pieces.  Some dry wall pieces need to be saved for them but the other scrap pieces can be put in the dumpster.

The posts for the back deck still need to be set. Once they set up, the deck can be built.

Cedar boards can be put around the “feet” of the front porch posts.

The porch soffit and aluminum trim still need to be done.

Another great day at the site.



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