Saturday, August 17, 2019

The call for help brought resources on Saturday.  2 Air Force people came and Hank and Conner Doud read the email and came to help Karen and me. 

Hank and Karen worked on:

  • The access panels in the bedrooms and they are fitted in place.  The added blocking for the trim molding to cover the drywall access panels.  The space is ready to blow in insulation – is that a Bill Thompson call?
  • Wire shelving closet hardware has been cut and mostly installed.  Whoever estimated the material did a great job as there are 2 – 2′ to 3” pieces left for the storage shed.  Karen gave me an order for 4 sidewall brackets and I will pick them up.
  • I stopped at Lowes on Friday to get underlayment for the upstairs bathroom for the vinyl flooring.  Christine from WPAFB scrubbed the floor and that dried while we made a template for the underlayment.  It has all been cut and the ring shanked nails are on the bathtub for a volunteer to nail it down this week.
    • A concern is the “wet wall” in the upstairs bathroom is out of square by about ¼” over 36 inches.  The vanity will fit fine on the entry door wall but not on the sink side vanity edge??
  • Conner and KP the other WPAFB volunteer installed collar ties with me in the storage shed.
    • Chore for Tuesday: Ken brought the “pin” hardware to lock one of the doors in place so the latch will secure the shed.  The hardware is in a gray Lowes bag on the kitchen cabinet boxes..
  • Conner  and KP marked and took the interior doors out of their frames, sanded the edges with my orbital sander, and painted several doors first coat.  The unpainted doors are in the back bedroom and need to get first and second coats on all doors.
  • Christine and I scrubbed the roll in bathroom floor so that will be dry to install vinyl this week when it comes in.  Bill Thompson, if you are are the site, please advise if we should use floor leveling compound to smooth out some ripples in the floors you enter the shower.
  • Craigslist came through with a couple who came and picked up the pallets and some short pieces of 2×4 scrap.  The bags of concrete powder are still on the free list.  If not picked up by Saturday, that will be a chore for the Sinclair baseball team to haul to the dumpster.  Another chore will be to break up the piece of newly installed sidewalk destroyed putting in the foundation.

Goals for the week:

  • Install kitchen cabinets and upstairs bathroom vanity.
  • Measure , buy and install window blinds.
  • Schedule insulation blow in for ceiling areas of first floor.
  • Wait for Dillard to install outlets, switches, light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Get plans ready for excavator after pod is picked up.  Dig parking pad foundation.
  • Schedule spouting.
  • Buy cedar to wrap bases of columns.  Bring a router to recess bases over metal hardware at the bases.
  • Have Bill or time get us started installing flooring on the first floor.  Cover the flooring with cardboard.
  • Paint interior doors first and second coat.  Paint shed doors white.
  • Save some muscle work for the Sinclair Baseball team on Saturday.

Thank you Hank and Connor and the WPAFB volunteers.  We will not work Labor day weekend.

Deacon Roger Duffy


Roger’s list is very good. I will put together a punch list of all remaining tasks and will keep it updated.

Blown in insulation, and spouting and site grading can be scheduled as soon as possible.

We will need a miter saw to begin installing the base trim and door trim.

Do not install either in the areas where we will be installing vinyl plank or sheet flooring.

I will bring a router on Thursday and install the material around the post bases and also begin installing cabinets.

Thge house is looking good and we have made great progress toward a Sept 21 dedication.


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