Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tim and I had two volunteers today and took advantage of the mild weather and hauled all the brush offsite.

  • The volunteers emptied the larger storage pod for pickup. Tim took the locks off of it so it is ready for pickup.
  • Tim took the hardhats and the trailer to ReStore.
  • The Dillard temp power pole is beside the storage unit under the cardboard.
  • All the deck lumber is under plastic in the garage, all the scrap drywall is in the dumpster.
  • We moved all the power cords, metal work stands, nails and screws to the storage pod so the finishers will have open space to work .
  • We dug out the gravel to the 7” required depth at the drive apron, and spread gravel throughout the rest of the driveway.
  • Unless something changes there won’t be anything to do until the deck off the kitchen is inspected and the drywall finishing is complete.  Watch your email for an update – no one came today.
  • The garage door is an insulated heavy door with a garage door opened.  Very nice.
  • Next step when things dry out will be pouring the sidewalk and driveway, then final grade.
  • Not sure if the site if open September 1 – it hasn’t been in the past due to Labor Day.

I hope to see many of you at Fifth Third Field next Saturday, then at Shull Road September 8 for that kick off.

Roger Duffy

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