Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Sinclair Tartan’s baseball team came to the jobsite Saturday and accomplished:

  • The broken sidewalk square is in the dumpster ready to be formed when sidewalk time comes.
  • The CTBS sign is down for grading this week.  All the lumber was moved away from the house and is stacked by the fence.
  • The handrail has two coats of finish, and could use fine sanding and two more coats.  Finish is on site – but no fine sandpaper.
  • The storage shed doors was painted a second coat. 
  • The stairs were washed and the sides of the stairs were painted first coat.  A second coat is needed Tuesday.
  • The door frames downstairs need a second coat of paint.
  • Ken cut the last tow window sills and routed the edges on all sills.  They are ready to be installed, caulked and painted.
  • The downstairs was cleared and swept to allow room to install flooring.  A bag of self-leveling compound is on site. I left my old Black and Decker drill during painting and it isn’t there now, so if you have it by mistake, please bring it back.  If your are on Tuesday, bring a drill to mix the leveling compound around the edges near the block.
  • Due to the size of the family, there isn’t a linen closet downstairs.  Ken and I came up with an idea to put a skinny linen closet at the end of the shower.  I’ve attached a picture of a cabinet door facing at ReStore that could be cut down to fit the space.  A face frame would be built to cover the opening to shelving and the cabinet door would need to be cut  to hinge the upper portion to clear the toilet.  Karen suggested applying a non-opening door on the bottom that is close to the toilet.  I will get the door from ReStore and have a woodworker in Bellbrook who can cut the door as needed and maybe build the face frame for me as well.  Ken and any other diy’ers will make the inside presentable and allow access to the plumbing.
  • For this week, the tasks are:
    • Bring a little drywall compound and finish where the electricians had to cut into the stair wall to fix a short.  Tape and drywall trowels are in the shed.
    • Paint door frames downstairs.
    • Prep and start flooring.
    • Layout where the parking pad is to be dugout.
    • Start door casing trim and then touch up painting.
    • Schedule insulation for the ceiling areas.  Find out how the casing trim is to be installed in case it ever has to be removed for access.
    • Check on status of the ¾ door for the top of the stairs.
    • Get adhesive and roller to install vinyl when it comes in.
    • Have Bill stop by about the first floor bath counter top.  There is one cabinet base edge that maybe or this bathroom, so need direction
    • Ken will write up the final punch list.  Remember we are closed Labor day weekend.

Look for Habitat on the Sinclair Tartan’s Baseball team Facebook page and another site they did siding at.  No, I am not the co-owner of CtBS!

Keep Jerry Shell, Bob Gray and Dave Deger in your prayers.

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

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