Saturday, August 3, 2019

Karen and I were a force of two on Saturday.  I brought a shop vac and had picked one up from the office so we got the house cleaned and wiped down to start painting.  Well except for the high places over the stairway.  The drywall finishing looks very good.  Time stopped to say the doors, trim package and kitchen cabinets were to be delivered first thing on Tuesday. I went to the house this afternoon and painted the kitchen, so the kitchen boxes can go there.  The main floor is open for doors and trim.

Karen and I made a list of things from Lowes but couldn’t find the Lowes card so the list is unfilled:

A kitchen broom, a bag of painters rags and some roller handles – there are two on site and we could use at least 4 more, some roller pans and liners.  The paint has been in storage so I brough a big drill and stirred up two 5 gallons containers.  The paint gear is in the laundry room.  Be sure to put cardboard under the mix and pour area.

For the shed roof, Tim estimated the roof is 6’ by 13” or 78 sf times two is 156 sf.  He says we need 2 1/3 square of shingles.  I took a picture of the one square from the house and will send that to Hank for the St. Peters contractor who offered to do the work..

Krissy, what is on the schedule for August 10 and 16 for groups?

Dave Deger and Jerry Shell joined us for lunch – delightful time under the trees.

Thank you,

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

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