Saturday, August 31, 2019


  1. The shed roof was installed today and looks great. 
  2. I cut the pieces to fill the gap on the stairs today, and will cut some wood plugs to fill the holes drilled to attach the filler pieces to the stairway.  Will we put molding on the sides of the stairs?
  3. Looking at the copy of the sidewalk plans, it looks like there will be a step on the side door.  I had been told the grade would come to the door sill so ask if this will be concrete or a wood deck and step to the sidewalk?  Is this a Bill Thompson issue?
  4. When the forms are laid out and installed, can we have some notice to get extra CtBS help there the day of the pour?  Will the parking pad be separate from the sidewalks?
  5. The flooring is progressing well and looks very nice.  Will Tiffany’s bedroom, the wheelchair child, have laminate flooring?  Do we know which room is hers?
  6. Habitat worked Saturday and has Tuesday off.  We took Tuesday off but will work Tuesday, even though our site isn’t on the volunteer Hub.
  7. I understand the vent over the stove is a design with extra filters that vents in the house, not outside.  Has that been ordered?

The house is taking shape and looks very good.  Thanks to all for their work on this year’s project.

Thank you,

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

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