Saturday, August 4, 2018

Karen and I led today with great support from the 711 HPW Junior Force Council from WPAFB 7 or 8 came – Krissy, I think I didn’t check in the organizer who I believe is Anne Cybenko.  We finished after 1:30 for the day. Tim was ill and Darrell Lochtefeld from the group was skilled and helped direct the work which was I n s u l a t I o n!  (John Ferguson came from St. Mary of the Assumption to.  All of the insulation was installed today, the full sheets are in the storage unit and a roll of R19 floor insulation is there that Tim said we weren’t to install..  The house is swept clean and is ready for drywall delivery on Tuesday.  Gatorade and water are needed as well as ice and the drywall tools.  Darrell took the temporary power poll down and it is in the storage pod with the treated lumber for the back deck.

For next week:

  • Drywall week – be ready for lots of that.
  • There is a stack of approved drawings in the storage pod including the deck.  Bill is that official to start or does more approval need to take place to start work on the deck.?
  • If you are a chainsaw person and the weather isn’ too bad, work can continue to get the invasive brush cut back by the DP&L transformer.
  • Missing in action is one 8’ fiberglass step ladder with “Duffy” written on it.  If anyone has it, I’d like it back.

The house looks great and I took many pictures to send to Hank for the website.

Roger Duffy


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