Saturday, July 14, 2018

We had an excellent group today from Deceuninck who makes the parts for the windows which are donated to us.

Two of the guys worked on finishing all the fascia.  They also completed the softet on the east gable.

One of the guys and a gal worked on siding all day.  Then the whole crew worked on finishing the siding on the front, porch, and garage except for the top piece.  Tim had left and they wanted to use screws to finish but we didn’t have a screw gun so it was left undone.

Two ladies and a young man, second coated the exterior doors and removed the blue tape.

All the dry wall catchers were completed.

Tim put up the framing around the garage opening with the help of two of the volunteers volunteers.

I swept most of the house and Roger tidied up the grounds.

The top pieces for the siding needs to be done.  The garage door wall still needs to be sided.

Nothing was done with the post holes.  They still need to be inspected and I do not know if anything more needs to be done before the inspector comes. If it could be inspected on Monday, it would be ready for volunteers on Tuesday.

The volunteers today were hard workers, stuck to their work, were conscientious about cleaning up, and were pleasant to work with.

Well done,




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