Saturday, July 20, 2019

Blistering heat didn’t slowdown Karen, me and 3 women and two men from V.E.R.B.S. who have the house a l m o s t  but not quite ready for drywall finishing.


  • Laundry room drywall is installed, the drywall in the small closet at the top of the stairs is one, my loos ends on the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom are fixe.
  • The house has been cleaned and all the tools for Habitat to pick up are in the back downstairs bedroom. (insulation, ceiling drywall tool, most of the drywall tools)
  • The wall access panels were cut to accept a drywall panel once we get to painting.  The access panels are inside the knee wall area.
  • All of the power cords are in the pos – so Bob and Tom, you will have to get out what you need for Tuesday.
  • Drywall scraps are out of the house – and some material is left for Tuesday to finish the downstairs bathroom.
  • Thanks Krissy for finding this good group of volunteers.

Next week:

  • There are 4 cases of water in the pod beyond the ladders – but no energy drinks.
  • Th= downstairs bathroom vanity and toilet wall needs to be drywalled – than the downstairs is complete except for :
  • Quality control – look at the sill plate drywall nails in the front room, and in the bedrooms.  We didn’t get to this today..  Check the gaps in the drywall between the vertical and angles bedroom walls.
  • Get some direction on what to do with the space between the siairs and the shower head end of the roll in shower.  Dick (?) told me Friday there was talk of building a cabinet face frame and putting ware rack storage in for towels and linens.  There isn’t drywall on it now so someone has to decide if this should be built and if not then drywalled with a plastic access panel.
  • The material is on site for the storage shed – so plans should be dropped off on the design and blueprints.
  • If someone has an old lawnmower, the site needs some grass cutting and weed wacking
  • Timing on drywall starting and completion need to be communicated to Ken, Al Riestenberg and Krissy if the site will be shut down.  It look like we could have little inside work to do by mid week.

Thanks to all for getting the project to this stage.  As hot as it was, the insulation made it bearable.  Prayers for bother plumber extraordinaire Dave Deger and Jerry Shell and for safe travels for Karen next weekend for a wedding.

Deacon Roger Duffy

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