Saturday, July 21, 2018

Karen and I had 9 volunteers from the 88th Booster group today.  When we arrived, the water and sewer connections had been completed by Korrect Plumbing on Friday. A volunteer scraped some mud off the sidewalk and the rain should clean the sidewalk.  Korrect brought a load of pea gravel for the install so there is a pile of dirt to grade.  The water hasn’t been turned on as the plumbing inspection failed.  Dave G was by but didn’t stay long.

The volunteers:

  • Installed the visquene in the crawl space, but there is no pea gravel over the plastic.
  • Installed 2×4 under the hvac duct work chase for drywall to fasten to.  Bob Gray – a “to do” is to box in the end of the hvac run over the linen closet with OSB as a fire break like in the hallway.  Karen had a piece of OSB cut before we shut down on Saturday.  All of the 2×4 support for the drywall was completed.
  • Outdoors, Tim  had a small trailer so we loaded all the brush and he took about 5 loads to the brush drop off site on 3rd street.  I grubbed out sprouting invasive material in front of the power transformer, and opened up a wide area by the transformer.  A task for next week is to dig the trench for the phone, cable and power line.
  • I bought some Sawzall blades and some packs of nitrile landscape glove for volunteers.  All the scarp lumber is gone and the site is ready for lawn mowing where we had materials.
  • For the first time it looked to me like we might make the second week of September dedication

For next week:

  • Concrete pours for the porch and garage floor.
  • Porch columns
  • Inspection of the back porch post holes – then layout and install to the plans.
  • Build the back porch deck.
  • Getting a hose bib turned on for the concrete work.
  • Inspections and go ahead to start insulation.

The site looks great and the progress has been very good. The house is turning out very well and today’s group were top notch.  The online Volunteer Hub check in is a breeze and has the benefit of an instant thank you by email.

There is some water on site but ice will be needed for Tuesday.

Roger Duffy

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