Saturday, June 15, 2019

The showers passing by didn’t keep our 7 WPAFB volunteers from the 88th Medic group from installing “Pink Panther” blue board on the attic side of the second floor knee walls.  The volunteers brought special skills that led to all the  knee walls being insulated.  They took great care to be sure the Pink Panther was tight against the rafters ad sidewall bracing.  There was debate about applying the blue board to the sides of the storage space at the top of the stairs and that is a next week project.  There is a lot of scrap to fill in the storage sidewalls.  We didn’t know is blue board needed to be installed next to the attic over the two downstairs bedrooms.

The volunteers used 1 can of foam insulation to fill gaps.  All in all a very successful day after no volunteers for Friday.

For next week:

  1. A nailer 2×6 needs to be installed next to the storage room at the top of the stairs.  I didn’t have an impact driver and the space to nail was tight.  The blue board piece is cut and is tacked onto the nailer strip.
  2. At the base of the blue board, a filler piece of bluebird must me cut for the side street side of the second floor.  The piece fits between the blue board and floor joist at a 45 degree angle.  The piece is held on place with blue tape.
  3. Working upstairs on an overcast day makes it hard to see.  I have two big LED lamps but I won’t leave them on site.  A small clamp on lamp is there if you are working in an unlit area.
  4. The furnace was delivered but hasn’t been plumbed in.  If flooring and paint is available, the room should be painted before it gets filled with the furnace .
  5. The power panel is in the pod, maybe ruff wiring is next?
  6. There is plenty of water.  John Belt, I don’t know that there will be much work by Thursday for your second shift team.

The Wright Patterson alliance is a real plus for Habitat.  Another fine group today.

Deacon Roger Duffy

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