Saturday, June 29, 2019

Karen and I had 7 volunteers from Car Max Miamisburg plus Jeremy on a very warm Saturday.  The Car Max crew were very good workers and much was completed:

  • The stairwell was insulated up to the ceiling and over the stairway.  The side knee walls were insulated to.  They did a lot off ladders and did a great job.
  • Two younger Car Max people worked on fitting the triangular openings in the end truss over the ground floor bedrooms. They took a picture of one opening, then had an app estimate the dimensions.  Not perfect but close enough to fit.
  • Others worked with Karen and I on the upstairs sidewalls and ceiling completing the front bedroom.  Work progressed on the back bedroom which will have to be done Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • There was a miscommunication between advice Ken got from the 5 Star rating insulation expert and Habitat. The expert advised Ken that the R38 ceiling insulation didn’t require baffles netween the rafters, so they were removed on Thursday and work began installing r38  insulation  (which expands to 12”) starting at the angle portion of the knee wall.  The Friday crew including Tim didn’t know of the 5 start expert advice e so baffles were installed .  I had been with Ken Thursday night when the Nuvasive team helped install several lengths of R38 in the angle and ceiling of the bedroom.  By Friday, the word came to take the r38 off the angle portion of the knee walls and the room is complete with R38 of the ceiling and the 5 ½” insulation on the angled knee walls.  The lesson I learned from this is anything different that our original instructions should start with Tim and be passed by Bill Thompson before the plan is changed.  There was a lot of time wasted removing baffle material and reinstalling them a second time.
  • The end bedroom ceiling truss has the blue board insulation, and needs some foam applied to make it a tighter seal.
  • The sidewalls in the back bedroom should be the priority for Tuesday.
  • We used duct tape for the seams in the ceiling insulation and as needed on the side walls after the Tyvek tape ran out.
  • DP&L ran the wires to connect the house to the pole, so that is complete.
  • Thanks to Dave Dresser for the ceiling fan -which kept the heat manageable.  Work wrapped up at close to 3:30

Bring more water and ice for Tuesday.  Do we need to work Tuesday evening to be sure we are ready for the Wednesday insulation inspection?  Any word on our request to skip Friday and Saturday?

Deacon Roger Duffy

We will have the site closed Friday and Saturday but will be open Wednesday.

Bob and Tom, I hope you can be there to finish any insulation and also be there foer the Energy Star Representative

I talked with Krissy and she will contact the volunteers who were signed up for Friday and Monday and inform them we are not working those days. 


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