Saturday, September 14, 2019

There were 7 volunteers on site plus Tim and Steve.  Thank you Robert Fyffe for spending the day plus Waynesville St. Augustine Ricky Gallagher and newbie Cheri Franklin, retiree.

The day began with big piles of lumpy fill dirt and a track backhoe there to attempt to move the lumpy pile around.  Steve brought the Habitat Bobcat and the decision was to let the Bobcat stay and the track backhoe leave.  There didn’t appear to be enough soil for the need and the ground was hard packed.  A decision was made to rent the tiller attachment for the bob cat and Brian and Steve went to pick it up.  It was clear no more dirt was coming and we had to make do with what we had.  While they were away, three of us laid out the landscape material and started digging and planting.  All that is installed was well watered and Cheri was going to stop on Sunday to water them again. Cheri cleaned the downstairs sewer and that is ready for the plumbers.  Things were bleak until they returned with the till attachment.  Rick Gallagher helped them connect the hydraulics and fasteners and Tim started roto-tilling the lot.  Others worked gathering rocks for the low spots by the parking pad. By lunchtime much of the landscape material was planted, and the lumpy soils started to look better with the tiller.

After lunch, the remaining landscape material was planted with lots of compost.  The beds and plantings were mulched and the remaining compost was spread over the tilled area.  Cheri emptied the downstairs bedrooms, swept them out and repaired and touched up the coat closet.  The rooms to be carpeted are empty and ready for the installers.  The lock box is on the front door knob and I tested the code twice and it works fine – and yes the front door key is in the lockbox.

Rick Gallagher is a very handy individual and I had him cut the decorative cover for the porch columns.  He came up with long piece that face the street and house, sort pieces that face the neighbor and the side street.  A router will be needed to clear the metal backs and screws.  All the column base trim pieces are in a wood crate by the podium

Steve brought a sidewalk edger and the sidewalks look much better and are ready for sod. 

On the matter of workers for Tuesday, I sent a note to my Knights of Columbus members to ask for 4 hours help Tuesday to rake then install sod.  I’ll put a note on the Incarnation App for help as well and asked Hank to put a request out on our Facebook page.

Tuesday is crunch day and we can never know when the sod is coming.  I asked for some volunteers to come a 8:00 to rake and others 9:30 to 10 to possibly lay sod.  I borrowed two 50’ hoses from Incarnation and brought a shorter length of hose from home.  So there is about 175 feet of hose on site.  I hope Steve will bring splitters and sprinklers on Tuesday.

What looked like trouble first thing ended up far better, but there is much to do first thing Tuesday for sod laying.  Hopefully volunteers will come through.

The house is really looking good – thanks to the volunteers who came and the permission to rent the rototiller.  May we keep  our cool with the many details the week will bring

On a final note, Jerry Shell will have surgery September 26, in a hospital in Cincinnati.  He asks for prayers for his recovery.  He should be at the dedication.

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

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