Saturday, September 15, 2018

Three volunteers, Bob Duplain, Karen and I were on site today. The baseboard has all been cut but not nailed for places with vinyl flooring coming.  Bob and John Ferguson were thrifty with there material use and there are three full lengths of baseboard material left over.

  • The nailed baseboard and door casing has been caulked and or nail holes filled.
  • The damaged 33” upper kitchen cabinet is here – undamaged and ready for installation.
  • The bathroom medicine cabinet came in a box reading oak but was painted white.  It has been repackaged and is in the bedroom.
  • Bob and Jon installed wire closet shelving in the remaining closets and kitchen closet.
  • One of the volunteers and I formed the sidewalk area, but we didn’t have a shovel to move gravel for the correct apron depth.
  • The volunteer and I cut the outside sewer cleanout access to ground level.
  • Bob Duplain filled the non potable water container for Tuesday.
    • I texted Tim to bring back a pointed and flat base shovel, bottled water, 8 and 16 penny nails.
    • If a painter was available, the hall side door of the bedroom by the garage needs pain as does the nail holes and caulked door casings.
    • Several items from Jerry’s Friday 9/14 punch list were started and nearly finished, but the complete list is on the kitchen counter.

All in all, a much better day than Friday.  The house really looks good.  Bring your kneepads for next week’s flooring marathon.

Sadly for us but good for him, John Feguson who has helped several weekends is returning to Connecticut with his employer later this month.


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