Saturday, September 22, 2018

When we left the site today, everything was in good shape.  Roger and I had 5 volunteers from WPAFB as well as Bob Swab (caulker extraordinary).

All the white painting was completed – 2 coats on second side of garage door, all the sills including under the sill trim, all the casings, all the baseboards.

All the wall touch ups were completed except in the bathroom – some repairs were made and will need sanding and paint.

The drywall in the garage was tapped and nail heads spackled.

All the interior floors except where the cardboard is were vacuumed. Half of the garage was vacuumed.

All the kitchen cupboards were cleaned.

The bathroom vanity cabinets were cleaned.

All the yard work was completed including rock collecting, the filling in by the aprons and trimming the sidewalks so the new sod will be even at the edge. Also all the hay, skids, and lumber by the trailer was hauled away or trashed. The old electrical box needs to be collected by the electricians or trashed.

All the counter tops were caulked.

All the windows were washed inside and out.

The three bedroom shelves were placed in the bedroom but not fastened.

All the paint brushes were thoroughly cleaned.

The work table and tools were cleaned and organized.

In cleaning the kitchen cabinets two issues came up.

  1. There is a hole where the two upper cabinets meet in the corner that would allow items on the shelves to fall through to the countertop. A piece of wood was left on the countertop as a possible stop cap.
  2. The upper corner cabinet next to the sink appears to have the door opening on the wrong side (may be a matter of opinion).

Roger and I tried to level the vanity in the bathroom.  In tightening the last screw it would not tighten.  The cabinet  probably needs a moly or two which we didn’t find till the end of the day so it still needs some work.

We did not do any touch up on the back porch.  The green tape needs to be removed from the front porch.

Very busy and profitable day!


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