Saturday, September 7, 2019

Care Source Dental sent 6 great workers today who worked on the punch list.  The vinyl flooring in the bathrooms looks great.  Nice could and installed very well.  Chores completed today:

  • Handrail was sanded and installed – a final coat of finish was applied at the end of the day.
  • Window blinds were installed in all but the kitchen window.  That blind is in the windowsill – the short ladders are gone and they couldn’t reach the window to install.
  • Baseboard trim was installed in both bathrooms, as were the doors.
  • Door knobs and lock hardware were installed in all but two doors – the pantry and furnace room need to be done.
  • David came and cut into the wall behind the shower for linen storage.  I have a friend, Bill Berner,  who is a master woodworker who cut the ReStore purchased panel to 35” length.  An Incarnation couple moved to St. Leonard’s and gave me some wood and the miter saw we used for the trim.  Bill is making a cabinet to slide in the opening cut today for storage.  I got some oak trim from a classroom conversion to a STEM lab at St. Brigid Xenia that will be stripped, stained and form the face panel for the door to cover the linen storage. 
  • Tim brought some solid vinyl white material – is that for the roll under bath vanity downstairs?

To do’s next week (see Ken’s punch list for the official remaining work.)

  • The outlet in the downstairs bathroom doesn’t work – is there something to be done for that?
  • A load of aggregate was delivered Friday at 3 and needs to be spread.  See Bill about the grade of the sidewalk from the side entry to the parking pad.
  • The crack in the porch by the front door is getting bigger – just so you know.
  • Storm doors are on site to be installed.
  • Carpeting is coming this week.
  • Karen has blue tape on touch up areas downstairs and maybe upstairs.
  • Look for the crank handle covers for the upstairs windows.
  • Sinks need to be delivered and installed. 
  • Countertops are on site – sinks to come.  Downstairs bath needs the frame built for the countertop and edge the wheelchair will touch.
  • Notice to Knollwood Nursery need to be given for the landscape material this week – and picked up.  Do we get mulch from them?  Is compost donated for the beds?
  • Concrete pour schedule for the week needs to be determined and communicated is help is needed.
  • We need one more piece of door trim to finish the trim work – paint, install and fill nail holes.
  • The Care source women voted that the house numbers should be on the second column from the right facing the house.
  • Plumbing install once sinks arrives.
  • Check outlet in downstairs bathroom.
  • Range hood delivery and installation
  • Final grade and sod.
  • Other tings as Ken determines.
  • Krissy will cut our volunteer numbers down to 4 starting Tuesday.

The house is really taking shape.  Thanks to all for the good work.  Keep Dave Deger, Jerry Shell and Bob Gray in your prayers.

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

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