Thursday, August 15, 2019

We had another very good day.

It was Rick I, Steve Albers, Dave Dressler and myself.

The majority of the morning was spent cleaning out the POD. It is to be removed within a day or 2. Materials were placed inn the shed and the lock from the POD was used to secure the shed. The house key is located on a nail on the side of the fastener shelf. We locked the ladder to the wheel barrow and the key to that lock is in the POD which is now in the house.

We were able to install a tarp over the roof of the shed to minimize rain damage.

All the interior doors were hung except for the furnace room door.

Dave was able to put a second coat of paint on the front door.

The base trim was moved but is identified as to which needs a second coat. The base trim along the west wall still needs a second coat also.

Tomorrow should be a continuation of painting of base and adding a second coat to the side door. 

As anote some of the tools are in the closet of the north east bedroom.


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