Thursday, August 2, 2018

On site today were 8 folks from the accounting firm RSM and 5 regulars (Tom, Ken, Jerry, Rick I, and myself).

Folks from the accounting firm (most of which had worked with CtBS before)  finished framing the driveway in preparation for concrete.  They spread gravel to the proper heights for the sidewalk, the driveway and the apron and backfilled the outside framing with dirt.   Tim helped them put finished trim around the garage door opening.

The “regulars” finished the blocking on the garage top plates and working on a request Tim received from the framing inspector to put more supports on the porch.  All looked good and almost complete at noon when Bill arrived and advised us of a different way to build and install the porch supports.  The “regulars”  built and installed the supports in the afternoon.  This support and blocking exercise has been a frustration and learning curve with everyone doing what they believe is the right thing.

Everyone one believes that the house is ready for framing inspection, which Tim will call in tomorrow morning.  If the inspector can make it out in the morning with an approval, the house will be ready for insulation.  Next week looks pretty good for drywall.

DP&L was on site and hooked up the electricity to the house.  We now have a “live” outlet in the hall near the garage.

Tomorrow morning would be good for some clean up of the house and taking down and back filling the old electric pole.  Hopefully the inspection (with approval) and insulation can follow.

Bob Duplain

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