Thursday, August 22, 2019

On site today was Dave, Steve, Rick, Ron, Ken, Bob S., and myself.

Accomplishments included:

Kitchen cabinets are all set in place.  Great work from Ken, Steve and Rick.

Dave the painter ( a guy who never complains, just gets his job done)  completed second coat painting on seven doors. 

Bob S. completed caulking the upstairs bedrooms and caulked one bedroom downstairs.  A professional job at no cost!! The same three rooms have all nails covered.

Ron and I  did baseboard and door trim in the downstairs bedrooms.  The closet in the bedroom next to the bath is not complete.

Roger will be happy to note that the concrete bags are gone.  Empty pallet is in the trash.


Window sills.  Wood exists and is painted two coats to do the kitchen and upstairs bedroom window sills.  Do not nail the sills in place as Ken is going to bring his router on Saturday and put rounded edges on each sill.  Then they can be nailed in place and a piece of trim put on the bottom of the sill.

Painting. A paint station has been set up in the living room.  Lets get this completed so that we can rid the laundry room of supplies.  What remains to be done (other than touchup)  is furnace room door two coats,  slab doors in the living room (one coat on the side with the blue tape), one hinged door in the living room requires one coat.  The shed door requires two coats of exterior paint.   If plenty of volunteers exist, we could patch holes for closet shelving and then paint.

Flooring is getting close, but some leveling needs to be done where the floor is cracked around edges in the rooms of plank or linoleum flooring.  Roger brought a small container of leveling material, but Keith visited our site today and looked at the leveling required and suggested an alternative.  He said go to a flooring store and buy “skim coat”.  It is a powder   mixed with water and it dries quickly.  The bag is fairly large and would be enough to cover all areas.  He felt that the small container we have would not be enough material.

Team members….the end appears to be in site.

Bob Duplain

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