Thursday, August 29, 2019

We had a very large crew today. Rick I. Steve A., Jim, Bob S 9 volunteers from Wright  Patterson and myself. Roger stopped by for a few minutes and ran some errands for us.

Steve and Jim were able to finish the flooring in the family and dining room areas.

Bob S. caulked around the window sills and filled nail holes prior to the final paint.

Rick and some of the wright Pat group painted many of the window sills and also touched up many of the door jambs and trim. They also added another coated of paint to the sides of the stairs. 

Many of the W-P volunteers picked up many of the larger stones from the lot.

The rest of us built frames for around the access holes in the upstairs bedrooms, hung most of the hinged doors and installed the small door for the closet at the top of the stairs (Carter delivered the door today).

Later in the day Rick and I installed the trim around the front door and started with the baseboards on the south side of the family / dining room.

We also installed trim around the small door that was installed earlier.

Bill stopped by and indicated that Synergy would be back, probably tomorrow or Tuesday to excavate for the sidewalk to the parking pad and to use a Rock Hound to pickup many of the rocks.

Bill indicated he would have Tim gets us the flooring for the bathrooms and laundry area.

The main chores are to continue with the flooring and add the base trim and door trim after the flooring is done.

Next week we will need to build forms and hopefully pour the parking, pad, walks and the deck by the back door.

Only 3 weeks till dedication.


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