Thursday, August 9, 2018

First a big thank you to the ten volunteers today and Tim.  Tim is great to be on site for so many reasons.   All volunteers are mainly regulars as they have been to the site many times this year:  David D., Ron E., Janet E., Rick I., Rick K., Steve, house leaders (Ken, Jerry, Tom, and myself).  I feel like everyone feels bad for the late start and the inspection delays and all are determine to move the build forward as much as possible to offset the delays.  Thank you….Thank you!!!!

Drywall accomplishments included completion of two bedrooms including the closets, the hall linen closet, the pantry, the final pieces in the living room ceiling and the hall ceiling to cover the furnace  duct.  Ken is working on drywall this evening and can advise what remains to be completed.

Tim brought the Bobcat to site and worked on deepening the driveway and apron to allow for more gravel depth.  The inspector did not pass us yesterday as he could see dirt in spots.  More gravel is to be on site tomorrow.  The inspector is to return for another visit.

The back deck holes for concrete were finally inspected and passed.  We are now clear to build the deck.

Dillard Electric made a quick visit to install the ceiling fan and light electric line.  Thank you to them for being very prompt after our call.

I had Tim move two large rocks to the front beds of the house.  Rocks are “in” and I think they will add to our landscaping.

The drywall should be finished with our internal inspection of the fasteners by the end of the Saturday shift.  Tim has called to get the mudders out asap there after.

Bob Duplain


We had John Belt, Jacob Hall and Jacob’s 2 sons (Mathew and Peter plus myself.

We completed the drywall in the kitchen area, the last bedroom (except the closet), the garage hall closet and also finished the ceiling in the main hallway and garage hallway.

Terry and her family stopped by. The kids were excited to finally see what the bedrooms would look like. They also  were surprized to see how large the bathroom was. Terry felt it was small when she saw the frame work, but was very happy to see how usable it was.

Terry also expressed her gratitude to everyone for taking the time to explain the build process and to answer her questions. She is excited about joining us for the painting.

Overall a very good night.

The living room walls, the hallway walls, the bedroom closet and the ceiling over the air distribution duct in the living room  remain to be dry walled. I hope we can complete everything by end of day Saturday.


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