Thursday, August 9, 2019

On site today were Steve A., Ron E. Jim L., Dave D., Rick I., John (newbie from WSU) and myself.

Dave and John painted.  The lower two back bedrooms are now complete with two coats of paint.  All downstairs  interior corners have two coats of paint.  The third bedroom downstairs has been “cut in” but the walls have not been rolled.  Plenty of painting to do on walls, wood and doors for some aggressive weekend crews.

The rest of us worked on the shed.  Siding is up on the east and west sides.  The north and south sides have all channels, but no siding.  Facia and soffit has been installed.  Trim board (1×6) has been installed around the door opening.  Smaller trim board (1×4) will frame the doors with flat 2×4’s reinforcing the back side edges and behind the hinges.

Tim delivered the vinyl flooring that will be used in the front room of the house, the kitchen, the laundry room, and the downstairs hall.  The downstairs bathroom will be linoleum flooring and the downstairs bedrooms will be carpeted.  The upstairs will be carpeted except for linoleum in the bathroom.  Baseboard should not be installed in the vinyl and linoleum flooring rooms until flooring is complete.

Jeremy visit today and is eager to move into this new house.  The dedication will be September 21.

Dave brought a four foot ladder and an extension ladder that may work to paint the upper part of the stairs.  When the extension ladder is used, it should be fastened to the floor and/or held by another worker.  Ken stopped by at the end of the day and agreed that this may be a solution to the very high areas with a tall person.

Bob Duplain

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