Thursday, July 12, 2018

The first shift at Sandy Drive included 4 Ctbs (Jerry, Rick, Ken, Bob D.) and 5 Habitat Volunteers (Ron E., David D., Rick K., Janet E., Steve)

Accomplishments included:  garage floor was brought to grade with pea gravel and frame was installed to be ready for concrete (along with front porch that was completed yesterday),  ice and water guard was installed on house walls of porch,  utility room was sanded, painted and flooring installed  (to be ready for furnace installation), holes were dug for rear deck and now await inspection before deck can be built,  galvanized nails were nailed into floor plate of outside walls to meet code,  blue board was installed on front outside walls above porch and garage to contain blown installation in attic,  misc channel and soffit work continues,  and clean up inside and outside the house.

Open tasks;  siding on front of house, garage and above great room,  install nailer 2×4’s inside center house furnace duct track.  Electrical rough and furnace work need to be done to keep house on current schedule.  Holes need to be inspected to build deck.  Available tasks will draw down quickly without rough electrical, furnace installation, and inspections asap.  Tim is still pursuing concrete for porch and garage with Habitat.

Plenty of water and soft drinks available, but ice will be needed by Saturday.

Bob Duplain

Evening Shift:

A great Thursday evening. We had John B, Jacob Hall and his 2 sons., Gary Nieport and Terry Pate onsite.

Terry applied the second coat of paint to the utility room. We can use her as a painting leader when we get to that phase, She is such a nice lady and so amazed at the priogress we make each week.

John and Jacob’s 2 sons installeed the 2×4 framing around the base of the hvac duct chase in the hallway

Jacob, Gary and I finished installing the F, J and siding on the offset gable side. It is ready for soffit.

Trying to clean paint brushes and rollers without water is a pain. I may have ruined a brush and roller cover.

As Bob D expressed we are rapidly running out of work. Really need concrete, electrical plumbing and hvac work to be completed so we can effewctively utilize our volunteers.


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