Thursday, July 18, 2019

Volunteers today included Steve, Ron, Jim L., Rick I., myself and Ken and Tom in the afternoon.

Everyone worked on drywall.  Stairwell is complete and upstairs bath is almost complete.  Hidden electrical boxes in the living room were exposed and the drywall on the dining room wall was hung.  Significant areas to be completed include the downstairs bath, laundry room and the hall between the two upstairs bedrooms.  The end is in sight.  Quality control checks and clean will follow.

The wood package for the rear shed was delivered.  Tim was not on site today.  Ken will update after the evening shift.

Bob Duplain

Evening Report for Thursday

John, I, a father and daughter and 4 volunteers from NuVasive were on hand. This crew was able to finish the upstairs bathroom, and the north bedroom in additon to the hall way. There are a few small lower strips that need to be added as well as the facing at the top of the stairs. 

We were unable to complete the lower bathroom and the laundry area because we ran out of acceptable blue board. If we can get this material early tomorrow we can finish the remaining area. We also need to cut the material for around the windows. The mudders will install but we need to cut.

We were trying to finish the storage area at the top of the stairs when I remebered we had a light switch and a litght reseptacle which would be behind the drywall. We need clarification on how to proceed. Also, there is no insulation on the out side wall in this area. This need to be resolved prior to drywall.

A very good evening.


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