Thursday, July 26, 2018

Went out to Sandy Drive this week as I had not received any reports and wanted to see first hand the progress.  No volunteers, but Synergy, the plumber, and Bill (Habitat) were there before I left.

The most disappointing news was that the house lock box had been cut off the garage door handle.  (Remember this happened to our house across the street two years ago with tools stolen).  The back kitchen door was wide open so I think it is safe to say that a set of the keys has been stolen.  No damage to the house or evidence of stealing that I noted.  Bill was going to call the police and have Tim come out and install new locks.

Yes, there is electrical service to the pole.  Tag in the garage says Dillards rough and service electrical has been approved  (July 24).

Plumber is completing his rough today and will call for inspection tomorrow morning.  Not certain whether the inspection will be tomorrow or next week as you are not given a time until you call in.

Concrete is to be poured tomorrow on the porch and garage by a contractor.  I thanked Bill profusely for this.   Driveway will be in the future.

The porch needs more bracing before it can pass inspection.  Bill says a drawing needs to be completed before work can be done.  This inspection will be done at the same time as the inside rough.

Synergy was digging the trench for the electrical service to the house.  They were also spreading some of the soil in the back to cover the drainage tile.  This is a great company to partner with and Jared (President) is extremely supportive.   I asked the backhoe operator to carry this message back to Jared.

I asked Bill if we should plan on work for Friday or Saturday and he said no.

Bob Duplain

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