Thursday, July 5, 2018

Driving home from Sandy Drive, my car thermometer hit 99 degrees at one point.  This temperature was a work incentive for our crew of 12 today.  Accomplishments included:  All siding completed on the west side including the signature triangle at the top,  misc. caulking inside the house  (now need foam to complete the window installations), nailers for drywall installation on the garage ceiling were started (Ken to complete tonight),  garage support around the outside car door completed (ready for straps),  framed the porch floor (need to pour concrete asap), and channels nailed to porch ceiling for vinyl installation.

Lots of work to do as noted above and of course three more sides of the house to be sided.  Rough electrical and plumbing should be scheduled soon.

Crew drank lots of water today.  Suggest Habitat bring out three more cases of water for the remainder of this week.   Special kudos to St Mary’s church….we are getting a lot of volunteers and they are great workers.  Norm’s note on call to action with Tim’s accident brought multiple sources of ice and keys were needed.  Thank you everyone for a great day!!

Bob Duplain

Evening work:

It was John, I and John’s son in law Larry

John brought water and filled 2 coolers. He plans to come Saturday AM and replenish the water supply. We had a small crew so we concentrated on work on the east side of the house. We installed the f channel for the soffit and the j channel for the siding . We also installed about 40% of the siding. I work a short while on the framing for the ceiling drywall but being alone made it difficult to get much done. I provide a set of keys to Bob D and to Jerry for Karen. John B took a set which he will give to Roger on Saturday AM.

The keys for Bob Gray are in the Podium with the tools in the top drawer.

Terry came by and worked for a couple of hours cleaning the interior. She is so impressed by the progress.


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