Thursday, June 13, 2019

Very changing weather conditions, but eight volunteers <4CtBS (Steve, Ron, Rick, myself) and 4 outside> made things happen.


Wall anchors (28) for external walls were completed,

East side soffit completed…siding requires one more piece,

Front siding and J channel complete,

Chalking upstairs and downstairs complete,

Upstairs front closet complete with nailers for walls and ceiling,

Furnace room sanded and remudded,

Rough level cleanup to rid house of excess debris.  

To Do:  (some tasks will be worked on by evening crew):

Check all chalking for areas or boards missed (especially very narrow openings),

Repair second story floor where floor board not nailed to joist,

Check for missing nailers on both floors(several marked),

Complete siding and facia board,

Sand furnace room and paint (mud again if necessary),

Install front porch posts.

Bob Duplain

Night Crew:

A little chilly and windy but worked inside and out.  Had 9 volunteers, Jacob Hall and his two sons, Rick from Waynesville (sorry don’t remember the parish), a man and his daughter and son, and 2 from NuVasive.

-Caulking was gone over and added in spots where it was a little lean or missed.  Tight spots were attempted but not sure how successful the person was.  I think one last check in decent light is needed.  While checking the caulking upstairs we found that one of the studs had no nails in it thru the exterior OSB.  There is a gap of over 1/2″ between the stud and OSB.  If you are looking at the rear bedroom window, the stud is 45″ to the right of the window.  Jacob hadn’t come yet and nobody else was comfortable getting on the roof with the wind. 

-Added supports for the flooring where the floor wasn’t laid correctly.

-Added drywall nailers on the backside of the top of the steps.

-Added drywall nailers for ceiling on walls on first and second story.

-Finished wall from hallway into rear bedroom.

-Worked on siding (street side).  Couldn’t figure out how top piece should be fastened, so we didn’t finish it.  

-Soffit on front porch (street side).

-House was swept so it is a little cleaner.

Ken, hope you had a great anniversary. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Speaking of next week, I hope we have enough work on Thursday evening.  The VP of the NuVasive plant has signed up.  Would be nice to really have great work for him!

John Belt

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