Thursday, June 27, 2019

Five volunteers today plus Ken in the afternoon for second shift.  


  Jim L. and Ron E. worked on the front gable siding.  Most difficult part is complete as both the left and right are now up to the bottom of the window.  Temperatures at noon dictated that we get off the roof.  Final work should go smoothly and quickly during a cool morning.

  Rick I., Dave C., and myself worked on the first floor insulation.  Front of the house is complete with back bedrooms partially complete.

  Synergy dug the trench for the electric line.  Unfortunately the power was cut within inches of the electric pole.  Bill was called and he called DPL for emergency repair, but they had not arrived at shift end of 3:30.  We put yellow tape and stakes around the area of the “live” wire.  Needs immediate attention!!

  Energy star auditor arrived for review of our insulation.  He complimented our work especially that we were taping all joints.  He will return next Wednesday for a final audit.  Tim was requested to schedule a Wednesday visit for the WC inspector.

To Do:

  Complete R-18 insulation bats in all walls and start and complete all R-38 insulation bats in upstairs ceiling.

  Finish front gable siding on a cool morning.

  Install siding and channel on front of porch.

  Install ceiling on porch.

  Finish trim on porch (requires brake).

  Progress should allow for drywall to start after insulation inspection next week.

Water is almost gone.  Tim knows we need ASAP.

Tape for insulation is almost gone.  Need several more rolls.

Bob Duplain

Evening Shift:

We had John, and 4 NuVasive volunteers, Rod, Roddy and his wife and daughter, and Roger joins us a little later.

We continued with installing insulation and 98% of the first floor walls are complete. We also taped most of the joints until we ran out of tape.

We started hanging the insulation in the second floor and got about half of of the front bedroom completed.

Due to the heat we stopped a little early.

DP&L arrived around 7:30 and repaired the electric service to the temporary pole.

We need to focus on getting all of the insulation installed by the end of day Tuesday so we are ready for the Energy Star audit.

Because of the progress we have made I am proposing that we close the site on July 4th, 5th and 6th so everyone can enjoy the holiday. If you disagree please respond so I can inform Krissy.


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