Thursday, June 6, 2019

  We had a very successful day with a great crew from Nexis- Lexis and several of our regulars. I lead a siding crew on the east side and Ken had a crew on the west side. We completed the siding to just above the windows and were stopped because we were missing the short corners that are to be delivered tomorrow. The north end was finished also.   Did some soffit also.

   Ditmer was on site all day and ruffed in the HVAC while an in house crew built the duct enclosures ahead of Ditmer and did some other inside work. 

   Korrect completed the sewer connection in their usual professional way.

  Ken will have an evening crew and will reinstall the east entry door that was delivered. 

Thanks to everybody for a job well done. 

 Jerry Shell 

Thursday evening report.

We had a good group from NuVasive, Jacob and his son, A couple from st. Mary’s and John and Myself.

We were able to get the side door installed. We also were able tor complete the closet walls in the 2 upstairs bedroom and remove the insulation in the shower area.

We were unable to get the final rows of siding on the west side. Hopefully Tim and Jerry can get this resolved.

We did install J channel around the front door and the base of the front porch..

Dave G. picked up the tables.  

I will not be on site tomorrow.

After Detmer is finished we need to get the plumber and electrician in to get ready for interior work.

One key activity is the caulking of all the exterior walls.


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