Thursday, May 30, 2019

Site was wet today with 14 volunteers determined to contribute to a great cause.

Accomplishments included:

  Blue board, taping and Tyvek wrapping finished on first floor.  

  Upstairs interior walls started.  Significant work to complete.

  Shower placed in downstairs bathroom.

  Windows on first floor nailed in place.  Installation needs to be completed.

  Korrect  Plumbing dug up back yard and at 3:00 found sewer line.

  POD # 2 had to be completely emptied and moved to accommodate plumbers.

To Do:

Ladders and facia on upper roof gable ends.  Priority before shingles.

Complete upstairs walls and second floor blue board and wrapping.

Complete windows downstairs and upstairs.

Wall between kitchen and laundry room is not straight.  Needs to be realigned.

Exterior doors and caulking are future projects.

POD #2 to be removed from site.   (Tim called.)

Ken is working a second shift and will issue a report.

Bob Duplain

Thursday Evening:


Ken had to leave early which left me with a couple of volunteers, one of which left around 6.  

Put bracing across the trusses on the roof side.

Finished and installed doorway wall to bathroom on second story.

Framed in part of the bathroom/rear bedroom wall on second story.  One stud, Jack/King stud, and over the door framing needs to be finished.  Bracing the top of the wall between the trusses also needs to be done (a piece of OSB will be needed to get to the height since we only had stud length 2x4s and didn’t want to cut 12′ ones down to 8′).

Packed up around 8 as it was getting dark and started to rain as I was leaving the site.

One question on locking up the pod.  Where should the lock go?  If you put it on the recessed handle, the lock isn’t big enough to prevent the handle from being moved enough to open the pod.  I put the lock on one of the pivoting bars which secured the pod from being opened.


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