Thursday, September 12, 2019

On site today were Ken, Steve, Jim, Joel (new volunteer, just moved from Kansas City), and myself.  Tim and Steve (Habitat) were in and out all day and ran errands.  Roger was on site for an hour at the end of the day.

Accomplishments included:

Concrete pouring and prep started at 6:00 AM and was finished by noon.  Three trucks of concrete due to the size and thickness.  Work looks great.  Thank you to Habitat for outsourcing this work.  By the end of the day, all forms were removed, except for the auto park.  The forms on the auto park should be removed early tomorrow.

Gutter on the house and shed has been installed.  Detmer continued work on the furnace/ac.

Refrigerator has been installed.

Trim is completed in the upstairs bathroom. Slider closet doors have been mitered, finger tabs installed and the center tab for the door guides installed.  Trim at the top of the stairs is complete. The pantry is now a coat closet with one shelf (holes patched after two shelves removed).  In all areas nails and caulking has been done.

Bathroom fans have been installed.  Linen closet down stairs and bath vanity are being worked on.

Crack on the front porch has been sealed.


Remove concrete forms on auto park.

Finish linen closet and downstairs bath vanity.

Spread top soil that is to be delivered Friday.

Finish molding and door knob on furnace room.

Continue caulking, nail covering and painting as needed.


Top soil on Friday.

Landscaping on Saturday.

Sod  next week on Tuesday.

Bob Duplain

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