Thursday, September 13, 2019

A very productive day. Bob D. and Al R. were in site until lunch and Bob S.,.Rick I , Tim and I  worked all day.

The shelves were installed in the three bedrooms and  two of the three closets.

All the door casing was completed.

About 2/3 of the casing was caulked and nail holes filled.

Casing trim under the window sills was installed.

The southwest bedroom base boards were caulked and nail holes filled.

The bi pass doors were assembled and hung and opener units installed.

Tim built the back porch steps and has most  of the railings up.

The plumbers did not come as expected – at least not when we closed up.

Nor do the finish grading crew show. Maybe tomorrow.

Still lots of work to be done and we can use all the help available.  Do expect a crew on Sat.

Laminate floor material  is to be delivered tomorrow.

I will start a punch list after tomorrows work progress.

Is there a layout of the floor covering plan available?

Jerry Shell


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