Thursday, September 19, 2019

On site today were seven volunteers (all regulars):  Steve, Ken, Ron, Max, Dave, Bob S., and myself.  Special visits by Bob Gray (who is doing well after surgery), Roger (delivery of linen closet materials for tomorrow), and John Belt ( curious as to the final stage of the house).

Accomplishments included:

Installation of front storm door.

Windows inside and outside washed and sills cleaned, screens installed.

Trim around downstairs tub installed.

Landscaping plants planted and mulched by back door.  Sod delayed another day (tomorrow).

Bedrooms thoroughly swept and ready for plastic cover for open house.

Caulking around kitchen counter tops.  Caulking of baseboard and misc. as required.

Painting as required.  Blue tape spots are primarily gone.

Sidewalks washed with water to eliminate tracking dirt into the house.

Temporary cover on water heater water input to assist passage of energy star test.

Upstairs towel rod installed and repair of door jam.

Excess wood was loaded on Steve’s truck to go to Tim’s house in Trotwood.

Closing tasks:

Lay sod as it arrives.

Remove and repair incorrectly installed roof vent.  Repair buckled shingles on east side of roof.

Finish linen closet.

Clean plank flooring.

Cover all flooring for open house.

Continue to inspect for areas needing paint and caulking.

Install misc. hardware including a few door stops and shower rods.

Remove temporary electric pole.

Clean out shed and return materials to Habitat.

Bob Duplain

One final note as the house is almost ready for the dedication on Saturday.  It has been a tremendous pleasure working with so many great folks the past three months.  Special thanks to all the “regulars” who gave so much of their time to insure that the house would be ready for this Saturday.

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