Thursday, September 20, 2018

Another constructive day. We had Jerry S, Bob D., Ron E., Rick I, Tim, J and myself on site.

We have installed all of the blinds,

We laid the flooring in the kitchen, pantry, entry way and guest closet.

We installed underlayment for the vinyl flooring in the bathroom and laundry room.

The vinyl was rough cut and loosely laid.  Adhesive was applied on half of each room so this part can be finished tomorrow.

We discussed the landscaping and laying of the sod.

We are requesting to pickup and do the landscaping on Tuesday. I will get a trailer to pickup these materials. Dave G if you would please give Deals the schedule so I can pick everything up on Tuesday as soon as they open.

We are proposing that we lay the sod next Thursday. I will request Bill to have the sod delivered on Thursday early AM. We will need as many workers as possible to help on this day.

We are rapidly approaching the final touch-up paint and cleaning phase on this house. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help get us to this point and please continue for 2 more weeks so we can dedicate this house for Terry.


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