Thursday, September 6, 2018

On site today was Jerry, Rick I, Tim and myself.  Tim spent the day getting supplies from Lowes and Habitat.  Jerry covered nails in the door jams, taped hinges, and painted all door jams.  Rick and I painted doors in the garage.  Status of doors:  10 finished (two sides & two coats), 4 two sides & one coat, and 4 not started.

Cabinets were not started, but are ready to go.  Doors need to be finished painting.  Closet by pass doors need to be hung.  All other doors can be reassembled to their jams once painting is complete.  Shelving is available for all closets.  Window blinds are available.  Mail box, post and concrete are available.  Bathroom mirror above vanity is available.  Door stopper hardware is available.  Wood exists and is painted one coat to do all trim and baseboards.  A second coat of paint can be applied on trim and baseboard once installation is complete.

Do not nail the window sills yet as Ken intends to round the edges with his router.  Also,  the extra wood from the window sills could be made into three shelves in the bedroom with the inset for the shower.

Attic insulation was blown in today.

Terry paid us a visit at the end of the day and said she will be back tomorrow to help paint.

Plenty of water on site with an extra bag of ice in the spare cooler.

Bob Duplain

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