Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On site today were all regulars:  Dave, Steve, Ken, Ron, Tom and myself.

Accomplishments included:

Upstairs bathroom subfloor was nailed and cabinet was installed.  Roger, there appears to be NO issue with the cabinets fit to either wall.

Upstairs door trim was installed and baseboard was installed in the back bedroom.

Upper kitchen cabinets were installed as was the louvered furnace door.

Doors were painted.  All doors except the louvered door have one coat.

The pins in the shed doors were installed.

The POD is gone.

Priority to do:

Shelf support brackets need to be moved to connect to the top of the shelf.  No connectivity as they are now installed.

Paint a second coat on all doors.  Paint two coats on the louvered door.  Paint shed door with external paint.

Install the base cabinets in the kitchen.  Question for Bill:  Do we have the handicapped cabinet for the lower bathroom?

Cut and install base trim on front columns.

Baseboard and door trim to be installed in all carpet areas.

Install plank flooring.  Question for Bill:  When do we get the linoleum and subfloor for bathrooms and laundry room?  

With POD gone, work can start on grading of lot and forming of patio and sidewalk.

Limited number of volunteers for next several days, but plenty of work to do.

Bob Duplain

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