Tuesday, August 27, 2019

On site today were regulars: Steve, Tom, Ron, Dave, and myself

Accomplishments included;

Tim stopped by first thing to mark the outline of the car pad with paint.  The excavation of the yard is scheduled for tomorrow.

The family room/dining room floor has been leveled.  The 50 pound bag of compound is 90% gone.  We will view the results tomorrow to see if further leveling is required.  The door wall in the laundry room will need to be leveled?

A second coat of paint was completed on all door frames except the first floor back eastern bedroom.  The louvered door has been painted two coats.   Also, the stairs needs a second coat.

All window sills have been nailed in place and the trim below the sill has been nailed in place.  We painted the cut ends of the trim, but the entire sill and trim will need to be painted and nails covered.

Two doors downstairs were hung.  We attempted to hang more doors, but screws are missing.  We will need to buy a box of 50 gold screws to hang all remaining doors.


If the living room/dining room floor looks good, we will lay the plank flooring.  We will cover the floor with cardboard, but entry into the room should be limited, especially through the front door.

Supplies needed:

Razor blades for cutting knives.

Dry wall spackling  and joint tape.

Gold screws for doors.

Trim board for stairs. ( I recommend we use baseboard as the pieces are 14 feet and that would be a continuous piece top to bottom.)

Fluorescent bulbs for kitchen.


The contractor for the shed roof has not completed his work.  Also, he should be asked to repair the house roof for the vent to be removed.

Linoleum for the bathrooms and laundry needs to be delivered??

The cabinet?? for the downstairs bath needs to be fabricated.

Bob Duplain

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